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Kei Tsukamaki (right) in the Women's Team Match USA vs. Germany. Photo: Karen Schmucker, 2019

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PNNF Results 4th Annual Taikai December 7, 2019:

Engi (shikake-oji)

Combined Mixed Shiai

First Place First Place  
Chris Coppeans/Bryce Harrop Chris Coppeans  
Second Place Second Place  
Sina Yeganeh/Kelsey Shamrell-Harrington Bryce Harrop  
Third Place (tie) Third Place  
Alan Lindwall/Francis Walsh Francis Walsh  
Disi Koa/David Jung    
Beginner and Youth Engi (shikake-oji)    
First Place    
Isaac Brandt/Xander Coppeans    
Second Place (tie)    
Zhisong Chen/Billy Huyhn    
James Huyhn/Kaine Martin