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Karen engi sonomaphoto: Martin Nobida, 2017

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Naginata Classes in session!
Mercer Island Community Center and
Bellevue NW Arts Center

Naginata Classes in Tacoma!

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About PNNF

The Pacific Northwest Naginata Federation (PNNF) was founded in 2006 as a regional affiliate of the the United States Naginata Federation. The group began naginata training in the Seattle area in 2003. PNNF is a non-profit organization. All teaching income and honorariums are used to further the development of Naginata in the Pacific Northwest. Beginners are welcome. See “training” for class times and locations.

PNNF Officers
President: Kurt Schmucker Kurt Schmucker, Naginata Renshi
Vice-President/Treasurer: Karen Schmucker Karen Schmucker, Naginata 5-dan
Executive Secretary: Kei Tsukamaki Kei Tsukamaki, Naginata 5-dan
Recording Secretary: Kelsey Shamrell Harrington Chris Coppeans, Naginata 4-dan (Tacoma Classes)
Board Member: Chris Coppeans